As the prevalence of Autism continues to rise and the large amount of adolescents entering adulthood, services are in great demand.

Building Service and Funding Capacity

Root Consulting is committed to collaborate with state agencies, advocacy organizations, educators, trade associations, behavioral healthcare and DD service providers to strategize on how to build service and funding capacity to support the autism and developmental disabilities communities.

On December 2016, the Ohio Legislature passed HB 483 and now Ohio has an insurance mandate. This bill mandates non-self insured employer-based health insurers to provide their members with autism, when medically necessary, treatment such as intensive behavioral interventions such as Applied Behavioral Analysis, clinical professional visits and speech and occupational therapy.

Root Consulting supports Service Providers in the following areas:

  • Autism Insurance Mandate
  • Program Development
  • Policy and Procedures for New Service Certification or Licensure
  • CARF National Accreditation Support
  • Program Budget Development
  • Billing Support
  • Employer-Based Insurance Billing for ABA
  • Strategies to advocate for consumers needs
  • Crisis Management Training Solutions
  • Links to additional Behavioral Support Services and Funding

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